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Sunwolf Farms was established in 1996 in Frazier Park, California. Sunnie Rose, owner, operator, instructor, mental health facilitator and mentor has been riding since the age of 3.

She began riding with her mother Suzanne at age two, then, graduated to her own pony at the age of 3. "Shadow" her little Shetland pony was quite a challenge for her as he left her in the dirt more often than on her back, however this never stopped Sunnie from getting back on.

Sunnie grew up in Artesia, California in the 60's and 70's when dairy farms and stables were the main landscapes. Riding from dawn to dusk with other youths, Sunnie mentored under the strict watchful eye of Mr. Charles Eddie, a cowboy and horse trainer from the early 1900's at Leo's stables. (Leo Grenier).

In 1973 a family move to Hollywood put her riding endeavors on hold while she attended school, built a photography business and then moved to Lake Tahoe. Returning to Hollywood in the early 80's, Sunnie began to work at her Father's television studio, "La Brea Studios" in fashion and glamour photography as well as in film, video and advertising promotion.

All the while, Sunnie would ride as often as she could, visiting her Mother and bonus Dad Lynn's ranch in Chatsworth's Brown's Canyon, renting horses from Sunset Ranch, Hollywood Stables and the local Griffith Park rent strings all this in needing to feel grounded and in touch with her roots of the country and the lifestyle.

In 1984, Sunnie's bonus uncle Lee passed away. She then acquired one of his favorite horses, a 13 year old, Quarter Horse named "Big Enough". Story goes Lee had won him in a crap game, sight unseen and shipped from Wyoming!

Sunnie had been living in the Hollywood Hill's famous "Beachwood Drive" for 3 years, and there was no question that she would keep her horse up the street under the Hollywood Sign at the "Smith's", Sunset Ranch.

In 1986 She became friends with the Smith's and began mentoring under Steven Smith Sr., and Steve Smith Jr. learning to rope, and polish up on skills learned long ago.

While working in Law, Sunnie also became the manager of Sunset Ranch, Hollywood Stables managing the care of 60 rental horses, doing promotions for the ranch and tending the daily ranch business as Steve Smith Jr. hit the PRCA curcuit in bareback bronc riding and team roping ads Sr. managed his ranch in Nevada.

In 1989 Steve's, Jr. and Sr., as a bonus for running the ranch and business took Sunnie on an adventure to find another horse that would be something she could start from scratch, and show. They traveled as far as to Paso Robles, Ca. the Parkfield area and visited Sr.'s sister, Zee Varian. There they saw many horses, but only brought one home. It was a little buckskin horse (Z Dun Reinin aka Phoenix) Steve Sr. had got for himself, but just a few weeks later was the horse he wanted Sunnie to have.

Under Steve watchful eye he hauled her to a few Gymkhana's. He and Stevie Jr. coached and taught her the skills that later would take her and Phoenix to great places.

"Steve Smith Sr. passed away in 1989, just as he had just showed me how to become one with a horse. His way of describing the feel of getting it, just pierced through me, and has stuck forever." Steve Sr. had the largest impact on where Sunnie is today. She credits him for her polished skills and ambition to take her talents to grander places. "He is whom I think about almost on a daily basis. When I am successful at something, I can see him smiling. He passed away much too young, has left an incredible legacy, cared deeply about a wonderful family, had a great sense of humor and a cowboy's temper ... his memory has marked my heart forever."

In 1990 Sunnie won the Riverside Gymkhana Associations top award for the years competitions and won the All Around Champion Trophy Saddle. She moved to Aubrey, Texas and went on to rodeo 10 to 16 rodeos a year, all over the country from to 1990 until 2002 winning dozens of buckles on her Horse Phoenix and a 1992 World Championship in Pole Bending and a Reserve World Championship in Barrel Racing.

In 1996 Sunnie moved to Frazier Park, California, settled in and built a home and business that provides horseback riding services to the Mountain Communities, it's tourists, as well as Kern, Los Angeles and Ventura County residents.

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